Translation and interpreting

China Access specializes in consecutive interpreting Dutch/English to Chinese. This type of interpreting is used for small groups or events such as company visits, audits, trainings, business negotiations etc. The speaker pauses regularly to allow the interpreter to translate what has been said. Over the years we have built up extensive experience in various industrial and service sectors.

We provide written translations of all your commercial and technical documents from Mandarin Chinese to Dutch or English and vice versa. To guarantee an optimal quality, we work with several Chinese and Belgian translators. Translations are made by native speakers and reviewed by a separate proofreader.

We also deliver certified translations of official Belgian or Chinese/Taiwanese documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, diploma, driving licence etc. These translations are signed by a sworn translator. The translator's signature can be legalized by the court of first instance.

Each project is different and rates may vary depending on the technicality of the text, total volume, deadline etc. Please contact us for an offer free of any obligation.